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Success Story - Dil Kumari Ghale

At only 22 Dil Kumari Ghale is an inspiration to many men and women in Likhu Rural Municipality, Ward no.2, Nuwakot district. Today she is a successful brooder, a village model farmer (VFM) and a local resource person (LRP) earning NPR 70,000 per year. Married at a young age Dil Kumari never thought she would one day be a stay at home mother and earn a good living. In a span of three years Dil Kumari was first introduced to Suaahara program when she was pregnant with her now three-year-old son. After the delivery of her son, she showed interest in attending the two days’ homestead food production beneficiary (HFPB) training followed by a five days’ VFM training and six days’ poultry training within a period of six months.

The making of a leader

The HFP group members relied on Dil Kumari to provide them crucial information on HFP garden and Dil Kumari proved to be a good source of information leading the group to manage resources effectively and progress. Dil Kumari was promoted as a VMF after her continued engagement with the HFP group members to learn and share. In Suaahara II, she attended a three days’ refresher training, five days saving/credit and group management training, five days’ business plan and agriculture marketing training and 10 days’ poultry farming LRP training. She was nominated by Suaahara II program to attend the three-day’s poultry farming training provided by District Livestock Service Office (DLSO) Nuwakot. Dil Kumari also attends all review meeting and attends ND vaccine workshop meeting.

“The series of training has helped build my technical skills. I apply it in my garden and in my coop and I get the opportunity to learn and share during the training and with the group members. I am proud to be empowered and I am not just a housewife,” she remarks. 

Dil Kumari organizes monthly meeting where she shares her achievements and encourages new 1000 day’s mothers to start HFP garden and rear poultry. She encourages members to share their concern and ensures their queries are answered to mitigate any further confusion. In her leadership 10 members are rearing poultry and five members have started HFP garden.

Building relationship with the local stakeholders

Dil Kumari’s HFPB group is registered with the District Agriculture Development Office (DADO)/DLSO. A HFPB group registered with the DADO/DLSO can receive technical and financial support as per their annual planning. Dil Kumari received cash support from the DLSO for poultry shed improvement. Today she has 85 seven-month-old layers’ pullet. The layers lay approximately 60 eggs per day which will increase in the future. She also has a provision to brood 200 broilers in a separate poultry shed. Ten members of her group has received 75 layers per person from the DLSO.

“I am happy to function as a role model in my community and I regularly monitor and provide my suggestions to anyone I can support,” she adds.

A mother and a wife

Dil Kumari has a three-year-old son and her husband serves in the Arm Police Force. She reiterates she oversees the income she earns not by stating the obvious but by the way she manages her household and her role in the community. “I am proud to say that I am capable of paying my child’s school fee. I save in different groups for my child’s security and I also provide loans to 1000 day’s mothers at a minimum interest,” she smiles with pride. “I am forever grateful to my family for their support.”   

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