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Major Accomplishments

VDRC-Nepal in its almost four decade long history has accomplished several program and project activities, of which selected ones are outlined below.

Literacy Program, Chitwan and Nawalparasi

Support: Room to Read

Objective: To improve reading habit and skill of children through establishing library in public school

Integrated Development Program for Poverty Alleviation

Support: Poverty Alleviation Fund

Objective: To alleviate poverty through inclusive development of downtrodden section of community

Mini Leprosy Elimination Campaign

Support: Damien Foundation

Objective: To prospect leprosy infected people referring them to health facilities to onset medication


Support: USAID

Objective: To improve nutritional status of 1000 days mother through homestead food production and marketing

Local Governance and Community Development Program, Nawalparasi

Support: DCC Nawalparasi and Bardghat Municipality

Objective: To improve living standards of the people through community-led development, efficient service delivery and good governance

Improve Implementation of RTI in Nepal to Promote Good Governance

Support: NIC/CCRI

Objective: To increase use of Right to Information Act-2064 at all level

Village Model Farmers Capacity Development Program, 25 districts


Objective: To support local implementing partners (NGOs) of SUAAHARA in enhancing capacity and skill of selected VMFs

Capacity Building of Cooperatives, Dadeldhura, Doti, Achham and Bajura

Support: SAFAL/Blueberry Hill Charitable Trust

Objective: To develop three years business plan for cooperatives operating in SAFAL project districts

Monitoring for Enhancing Accountability Program

Support: PTF/CARTA and Helvetas, Swiss Inter-cooperation

Objective: to promote good governance and social accountability among concerned stakeholders of WB-funded EVENT Project

Enriching Local Agency for Enhancing Public Service Program, Nawalparasi and Chitwan

Support: CECI/PRAN

Objective: To increase access of people in the improved public services delivery

Participatory Democracy Initiative, Nawalparasi

Support: Action Aid Nepal

Objective: Good governance at local level, aimed to increase democratic participation of disadvantaged groups at all levels

Promotion and Strengthening of Social Accountability for Good Governance at Local Level, Nawalparasi

Support: CECI/PRAN

Objective: To improve efficiency of the community schools by making both community and the schools management fully aware of their rights, duties and entitlements

Enhanced infant and young child feeding practices, Palpa and Makawanpur

Support: World Bank and UNICEF

Objective: To contribute towards reduction in anaemia and general malnutrition in young children

School Physical Infrastructure Program, Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Rupandehi

Support: Room to Read

Objective: To construct school buildings

Equity and Access Program for Safe Motherhood, Nawalparasi

Support: Action Aid Nepal

Objective: To reduce vulnerability of pregnant women while delivery and to protect child life from such cause

Food Security Program, Nawalparasi

Support: Action Aid International

Objective: Right to have land of Majhi, Musahar and Bote community

Enhancing and Protecting Interventions, Sankhuwasabha

Support: DDC Sankhuwasabha and RAP/DFID

Objective: To uplift the socio-economic situation of the road building groups

Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Program, Gorkha, Tanahun and Nawalparasi

Support: Fund Board - FINNIDA, World Bank/Govt. of Nepal

Objective: To support the community to improve their drinking water supply system and sanitation development

Decentralized Actions for Children and Women, 23 districts

Support: UNICEF and Ministry of Local Development

Objective: Build capacity of DACAW frontline workers

Poverty Alleviation Program with focus on Poor Women, Tanahun

Support: Royal Danish Embassy/DANIDA

Objective: To uplift the socio-economic conditions of the poor and disadvantaged people in the eight VDCs of Tanahun district with a special focus on women

Improvement of Situation of Child Laborers Program, Doti

Support: GTZ/ISCL

Objective: To improve living conditions and development chances of working children.

Self-help Capacity Promotion Program, Sindhupalchowk

Support: Nepal Australia Community Resource Management Project

Objective: To support forest user group in formulation of their community development plan

Expansion of Employment Opportunities of Women, Nawalparasi

Support: ILO Kathmandu

Objective: To improve socio-economic condition of rural women

Institutional Development at Local Level for Self-help Promotion Program, Sankhuwasabha

Support: GTZ/NGO-FP

Objective: To reduce poverty through institutional development of local organizations.

Self-reliance Promotion Program, Palpa

Support: LISP/Helvetas

Objective: To improve Socio-economic condition of rural people

Self-help Capacity Development Program, Parbat

Support: GTZ/FfW

Objective: To enhance capacity of user groups to plan, implement, and maintain Food for Work projects according to RCIW guideline

Promotion of Community Entrepreneurship Program, Bhojpur

Support: Plan International

Objective: To support micro-credit program to promote community entrepreneurship

Self-help Initiative Promotion Program, Kapilvastu and Parbat

Support: GTZ/NGO-FP

Objective: Reduce the poverty through institutional capacity building of Local Support Organizations and Self-help Groups

Food Balance Sheet Project

Support: Open Society Policy Center

Objective: To collect the primary data of agriculture sector of the local bodies and document properly for the further easy utilization of data for planning and policy formation. To process and analyze the collected data systematically with the outcome of identifying possible potentials production and market mechanism of agriculture products for sustainable food and nutrition security of local bodies To construct Food Balance Sheet of different local bodies

Child-Dedicated COVID-19 Emergency Response Project

Support: Americares Foundation

Objective:  Strengthened the health facilities of COVID-19 affected children by establishment of COVID-19 ward and providing pediatric services in district and municipal hospital.  Provided tele-counseling and psychosocial counseling to 191 COVID-19 patients or post COVID-19 patients.  Raised mass awareness among the vulnerable community.  Provided transport services during an emergency.

Enhancing Electoral Integrity Through Non-Partisan Monitoring and Voters Education Project (EEIME)

Support: Open Society Foundation (OSF)

Objective: To enhance knowledge of both voters and candidates on the electoral process through civic education and sensitization for accountable and transparent elections including the selection of candidates To monitor the election process to help keep its integrity and fairness

SAHAS for Justice-2.0

Support: European Union and Lead by The Story Kitchen

Objective: Ending the silence of physical, physical, and mental tortures on women in transition period through their voice. Assisting in treatment, and facilitating livelihoods. Build a network of victims take them to justice and record their names in history.

Change Starts at Home-II

Support: Equal Access International

Objective: Reduce the prevailing intimate partner violence by identifying the interventions leading to sustainable improvements in the lives of women and girls

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