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SUAAHARA II - "Good Nutrition"

USAID Suaahara II “Good Nutrition” program aims to improve the nutritional status of women and children in 42 underserved rural districts of Nepal from 20216 to 2023.  This will be achieved through a multi-sector partnership with the government of Nepal (GON), the private sector, and other USAID-funded projects. Suaahara II builds and follows on the first Suaahara project (i.e. Phase 1) implemented from 2011-15. Helen Keller International (HKI) serves as the prime and lead organization for Suaahara II and partners with six consortium organizations to implement the program (CARE, FHI360, Digital Broadcast Initiative Equal Access (DBI EA), Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO), Nepali Technical Assistance Group (NTAG), Vijaya Development Resource Center (VDRC)), and partner Non-government organization (P-NGO) in each district and they implement activities within the communities. Suaahara II covers a total of 389 municipalities (262 rural municipalities and 127 urban municipalities) and 3353 wards in Nepal. The primary aims of Suaahara II are to reduce the prevalence of stunting, wasting and underweight among children under five years of age and to reduce the prevalence of anemia among WRA and children 6-59 months of age.

Vijaya Development Resource Center (VDRC) was engaged with Suaahara since first phase. During first phase VDRC trained Village Model Farmer (VMF) on homestead gardening. From first year to five year of Suaahara II, VDRC had implemented series of activities to improve access to diverse and nutrient rich foods by women and children through institutional development and marketing of surplus agriculture products. A needs-based specialization training, was provided to the selected VMFs to enhance their capacity in institutional development. Till date 487 local resource person were developed through ten days specialized training on poultry rearing and vegetable production. Similarly, 1011 individuals were trained on business plan and HFP marketing training and 3192 persons were trained on saving credit and group mobilization training. Beside this VDRC provided technical as well as materials support to market management committees to establish haat-bazar and collection centers. VMF network were formed in all 42 districts to build the linkage with local government and other stakeholders working on agriculture sector. For follow-up and re-strengthen the capacity building events we have developed garden to market manual as a reference book to frontline workers.

Vijaya Development Resource center will continue capacity building of village model farmers and homestead food production beneficiaries’ group member in year six. Ten days specialized training on poultry rearing and vegetable production will be provided to selected VMF and HFP group members. Similarly, five days saving credit and group mobilization training will be given to HFP group member to encourage saving credit activities on group mobilization and the group will be institutionalized through registration on government bodies. Sustainability of VMF, LRP and HFPB group through linking them with marketing channel and financial institution will be the major objectives year six activities.  

SAHAS For Justice 2.0

SAHAS for Justice 2.0 is a project run in Gorkha and Nawalpur District to collect the story of the women victim of armed conflict. This project was started in Feb 2020 and ends in Dec 2022. The project is supported by The Story Kitchen, Kupondole, Kathmandu and funded by European Union. The project aims to collect a total of 444 stories of women victims. This is a major step to work in the field of conflict management especially targeting women by raising their advocacy skills. Further capacity building training to organizations working for conflit related victims, referesher training to justice reporter, story workshops for conflict survivers, ethical guidelines training to local radio station and interaction with local government for the justice of conflict victims are the major activities done to promote all the stakeholder related to conflict and conflict management.


Change Starts at Home Phase II

Change Starts at the Home project was launched in May 2021 and ends in February 2023. The major aim of the project is to reduce and prevent intimate partner violence among vulnerable communities and at risk. Building on the knowledge and lessons from the previous phase, the second phase will build on learning so far to intervene in rural areas of Nawalpur districts namely Hupsekot and Binayi Triveni Rural Municipality. The major activity will be development and provision of sensitization class for listening and discussion group (LDG). The project is supported by Equal Access International and implemented by Vijaya Development Resource Centre.


Enhancing Electoral Integrity Through Non-Partisan Monitoring (EEIME) Project


Nepal has conducted the local election in early May. Likewise the election for provincial and national assembly is planned to be held after the local elections. The election process is not a new practice both for government and for the citizens. But along with different elections, issues on voter awareness, violation of code of conduct, agenda based candidacy and clean candidate is still prevalent. This type of issues have retarded the active participation of youth and frustration to the general public about the overall political scenario. Under this project different activities have been designed to address the issues that includes social media and mass media awareness, discussion with youths, women and disables, workshop and discussion with the local political leaders on their agenda, developing citizen declaration paper, delegation to political party offices for clean candidate selection and interaction with local leaders about the work done and their commitment. Further monitoring and evaluation of the overall engagement of the political parties and voters in the election process will be done through the monitoring committee and independent reporting of the incidence of violation of code of conduct will be done. The overall program is expected to reach over 3 lakh listeners, direct participation through social media is expected to reach over 25000 youths, 25000 youths and 5000 disable people and expected interaction with more than 200 political leaders. Further, the program aims to raise awareness in the general public and political leaders about the importance of agenda in election and follow of code of conduct which overall leads to conduction of fair and free election.

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